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Icelandic Lopi Black

Icelandic Lopi Black


Icelandic is part of the Northern European Short-Tailed family and first came into Canada in 1985.   Icelandic is more than likely the most purest breed of sheep in the world today as genetically it has remained as it was 1100 years ago.  The Vikings brought the sheep to Iceland in the middle ages.  

The Icelandic fleece is double-coated with a strong outercoat that is similar to mohair and a fine undercoat that is soft.  We have had the yarn spun into a Lopi using both coats which creates a very soft and durable fibre.

Gauge: 17 sts x 21 rows - 4x4 Stockinette
Weight: Lopi
Needles: 5mm – 6 mm / 8 – 10 US
Approx. Length: 145 metres
Lot # 2017_08
Colour: Charcoal

Wool sourced and milled in Ontario.

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